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Enterprise Car Club vehicles are located within 500 metres of 180 mainline and regional rail stations across the UK. This now means that more than a quarter (34%*) of all UK journeys by rail either begin or end within reach of our cars and vans. So, there’s never been a better time to combine rail and car club travel. Not only does this dovetailing of shared transport modes save on CO2 emissions, but it means no more waiting in the long queue for taxis and no need to endure the fatigue of driving the whole distance just to have the freedom of wheels at your destination.

Simply book, unlock & go – your wheels await you at the station.

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If you haven’t yet joined Enterprise Car Club, now is the perfect time. With 1,400+ vehicles stationed in over 180 towns, cities and communities right across the UK, you can enjoy the freedom of owning a car without the additional costs of insurance, fuel, MOT, servicing, parking permits and more. Just select the location nearest to your home address, pick your plan and complete our application form.

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The positive impact of
combining train & car club travel


Reduces dead-time

  • Work on the train – easier than flying/driving
  • No need to wait for a taxi at the station & after a meeting

Provides mobility at destination

  • Allowing movement between points before returning to the station

Avoids travel fatigue

  • Arrive feeling more relaxed and ready, having avoided the toll of driving and/or navigating an airport

Save money

  • Journeying from the train via Car club can be cheaper than the equivalent return taxi fare

Greener travel

  • Reduce emissions by traveling by public/shared transport

A survey of members showed that two-thirds (66%) have travelled by train and then used a car club to complete the last leg of a journey. More than half (55%) of these members as a result drive on average 71 miles less per trip and therefore fewer miles overall.

*2017-2018 train travel data