Car Club Boosts Levels of Walking & Cycling

Today our streets have in the most part been planned around the private car. This has led to an ever-increasing escalation in congestion, poor air quality and dangers posed to other road/pavement users. All of which have made walking and cycling more and more unattractive. We know however that such active modes of travel improve health, quality of life and the environment, and local productivity, while at the same time reducing costs to the public purse. These are substantial ‘win-wins’ that benefit individual people and the community as a whole.

Car clubs play a key role in driving this modal shift away from the private car. Each Car Club car takes 20 private cars* off the road. This means the more Car Club wheels that hit the tarmac the fewer cars there are on the roads overall, creating space for urban realm improvements and healthier streets. What’s more the Car Club cars produce 27% lower emissions (PM2.5) than the average car*, so air quality is further enhanced over and above a simple reduction in traffic.

Car clubs free up road capacity for active travel, making it safer and more attractive to the wider community. Car Club members themselves after joining are likely to walk more and cycle more than they did prior to obtaining membership. Research shows that up to 37% have used a bicycle as frequently – compared an average of just 20% of people cycling more than once a week*. This is because Car Club members have a greater propensity to opt for these active travel modes for smaller localised journeys, using a car only when really needed.



*2021 research from shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility

Facilitating Brompton Bike Hire

"Where and how shared bikes are physically accommodated is often the common challenge when launching a bike hire scheme. Space is always at a premium, especially where demand might be highest. Car Clubs help create this space, taking private vehicles off the road to make way for docking stations or our space-saving Brompton Lockers."

Julian Scriven
Managing Director, Brompton Bike Hire

Cycling UK Partnership

Enterprise Car Club and Cycling UK have come together to offer reciprocal membership offers to their different membership bases. If you are an Enterprise Car Club member click here to find out how you can get discounted Cycling UK membership. If you’re a Cycling UK member check out your membership benefits to see how you can get discounted Enterprise Car Club membership.  By collaborating in this way whether you need two wheels or four to make a journey we’ve got you covered, allowing you to travel sustainably across the transport modes.  

GINGER Partnership

GINGER was the first company in England to launch e-scooters, opening in Middlesbrough in July 2020. Since then, they have expanded across the country and now have fleets of e-scooters in Chester, Hartlepool, Milton Keynes, Scunthorpe, Great Yarmouth, Whitehaven as well as Middlesbrough. We are pleased to be offering differend modes of shared transport because of its vital role in easing congestion and imporving air quality.

nextbike Partnership

nextbike offers sustainable, healthy, and fun bike sharing to make getting around your city a breeze. Whether you’re headed to work, home, shopping or school, nextbike has a bike to help you get there in a fast, active, and climate-friendly style.


Beryl Partnership

We have partnered with Beryl, one of the UK's leading micromobility companies, who share our aim to inspire more people to take up sustainable travel options, ultimately reducing road congestion and improving air quality and public health.

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Promoting Shared & Active Travel

Enterprise Car Club is an accredited member of CoMoUk, a charitable organisation which plays a leading role in the UK’s transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good. Their work support car clubs, bike share and ride share as well as other emerging transport modes such as “on demand” buses and scooter sharing to enable mobility lifestyles which present an alternative to private car ownership. Enterprise Car Club support initiatives that promote advocacy, input into research and support shaping the industry to cultivate better communities.


Community & the Environment

Find out more about how Enterprise Car Club supports the communities and environments it’s located within across the UK. In doing so, honouring our commitment to “strengthen our communities, one neighbourhood at a time” one of the many Guiding Principles that sit at the core of how Enterprise as a whole does business.

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